At this critical juncture in history of Indian economy the Industries, business and commerce have to do a lot of restructuring, retraining of employees, up gradation of office skill & knowledge and so on. We at Shilpamandira can take up short term as well as long term tailor - made courses in various subjects as follows :(for male only)

Soft Skills
Spoken English
Management by values

Technical Skills    
Workshop practice
Automobile repairs

Auto– Mechanic
House wiring & motor winding
Engineering drawing
Calibration of Equipment
Tensile Strength
Torsion of Materials
Soil Testing
Water Testing
Building Material Testing

Need based Computer Skills
  • Computer Aided Secretarial practices
  • Windows, Auto CAD, Multimedia, DTP design & printing
  • Network installation, administration & maintenance
  • Web site design & maintenance
  • Hardware Repair
  • Engineering Drawing CAD