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Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandira

A Self-Financed Polytechnic


Only Indian Male students (Maximum age 21 years), Passed or Appeared at the Class X having obtained 50% Marks in Aggregate and at least 50% in Physical Science + Mathematics students are admitted through Entrance Test conducted by Institute.

Setting Quality Standards for Others to Follow...


Classes, Labs & Workshops

In the emerging world of technology, technicians are getting greater freedom, and responsibility, to take independent on-the-spot decisions to perform multi-faceted tasks. A deep understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering is the foundation which gives the necessary background to assess the different situations and take independent technical decisions. The only way to obtain depth and competence in technical skill is through a thorough drilling in labs and workshops. We give individual attention to ensure that each student gets comprehensive hands-on training in the labs and workshops, the necessary theoretical inputs as well as the attitude and aptitude for continuous learning which is invaluable in the fast-changing technological scenario of today’s world.


Challenges draw the best out of an individual. There is the thrill of problem-solving and the pride of victory in overcoming difficult situations. Even in educational institutions, students manifest their creative talent and consolidate the skills learnt when confronted with challenging Projects.
Reverse engineering is used as a learning-aid as also the starting point in exploration for innovative improvements. Time-management, material-management are skills truly learnt only in a work-environment. Such professional skills are the essence of competence.
Each semester, students may be required to participate in Industry standard projects under simulated work conditions for their competency enhancement.

Seminars & Presentations

Unlike in a written test where time is available for thinking, a technician in the field has to take on the spot decisions and be able to explain the rationale involved in his decisions. This aspect of thinking on one’s feet can be best developed by participating and presenting ones work in seminars.
Technical seminars will be held each semester, where student deliver presentations on topics decided in consultation with the faculty.


Personality Development

A strong personality is the basis of all excellence. To have deep convictions and the strength to follow them; to be able to work in a team, adapting to situations while not compromising on the fundamental values; to have professional pride and self-respect, and the necessary quality-consciousness and vision.
All these things must be inculcated and developed through conscious effort. Towards that end it is necessary to do regular introspection and orientation towards the Source of all energy, latent in the heart of each one of us. This is achieved through prayer and meditation sessions every day.
Meditation not only clears one’s doubts and makes mind focussed, it also gives a sense of well-being and strength born of character.

Communication Skills

Along with technical skills, soft-skills are needed for successful careers in today’s workplace. These include verbal as well as written communication, involvement and productive participation in group discussions, initiative, and, body language and attitude that put colleagues at ease and instil confidence in the customer.
Students will be sensitized on a variety of these aspects so that they would be able to face the world boldly and with assuredness.

Team Building

Collaborative activities such as Group discussions will be conducted for understanding group dynamics and developing Team Building skills. Students will be required to participate in co-curricular activities such as sports, technical exhibitions, quizzes, seminars etc. organised for sake of their overall development.


Practical Engineering is a strong combination of science, management, and economics. All products and services must be financially viable, and the skill of the engineer lies in balancing and optimizing on all fronts. These are essentially entrepreneurial skills.
Through workshops and design contests, students will be trained in entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial skills, so that they may blossom into irreplaceable professionals either in business or in service

Presentation Competition

The 1st year students of all four streams (DEE, DCE, DME & DETCE) of Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandira are motivated to participate in presenting topic of their choice. They are given the option to select any 1 topic from the given list of topics. The topics are given from all subjects taught to them in the 1st year. This is an effort from the part of the institution to develop personality of the students. Personality development is an essential part of the all round development of a man. The winners are awarded prizes.

General Aptitude Test

The 2nd years students of all streams are inspired to compete among themselves to test their general knowledge awareness. Questions from current affairs on different subjects are asked by the concerned department teachers. The programme is aimed at making the students realize their potential in general knowledge and the need to upgrade themselves. The winners are awarded prizes.

Mock Interview

The 3rd year students of all streams are encouraged to face interview sessions through mock or simulated interview. It is a mock personal interview session in which the students are the interviewee and the concerned department teachers are the interviewers. This venture is aimed at building confidence among students to face real interview sessions at the time of their campus selection. Questions from technical and non-technical fields helped the students to assess real situation during an interview.




In our new environment with the help of our modernized workshops, dedicated faculty, huge infrastructure and blessings of Sri Ramakrishna we will certainly be successful in fulfilling the vision of Swami Vivekananda of a vibrant comprehensive Technical Institute answering the demands of the Industry and aspirations of thousands of young men ready to take up new challenges of prosperity in a fast changing world.

We look forward to an inspiring interaction with all stake holders in the field.

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